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Kitesurfing: An Adventure in the Sun and Waves

To those of you who have been looking for an adrenaline rush in the beach for your next getaway, I suggest you do a fun and a little different water sport, kitesurfing. A sport that can be done with the waves on a sunny beach. But this sport is not for the lazy. This adrenaline fueled activity should be taught by a professional and not just learned in your own way. Kitesurfing is a sport that uses a modified surfboard for a person to ride on while holding on to a kite that is specially designed for you to ride on the waves. It is actually a hybrid of surfing and parasailing.

The Basics

You should know the basics of kitesurfing. It is not a one-time learning sport like surfing but a series of classes kind of sport. The knowledge of this sport is very important for handling the kite to maintaining your balance between the kite and the surfboard. So, you need an IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certified Kitesurfing school with an IKO qualified kiteboarding instructor. This is important as this is also a dangerous sport. Some people who do engage in this sport do get into accidents and learning from the professionals will help you prevent that.



Kitesurfing should be used with the proper equipment. First, you need a kite. Not just any kite, the special kite that can generate enough pull for kitesurfing. You want one that is big and easily controlled for your needs. Every person is different so you have to consider what you need as a kitesurfer. There are many types of kites like the inflatable kites, the bow kite/flat inflatable kite, framed single skin kite and the Ram Air Foil Kite. Choose the best one that is available to you and one that you can handle well. Second, are the lines that hold your kite. It should be something strong and can adapt to water. Third, the kite control device that has a safety release system. This allows you to let go of the kite without the hassle of you scrambling to look for a way let go of the kite. Fourth, is the modified surfboard that lets you do drive around the water. Fifth is your life vest and other safety gear like a wet suit and a helmet.

Where can you do this sport?

This water sport can be spotted in beaches especially in beaches that have good weather conditions to surf. One of these beaches is Cape Town’s Big Bay in South Africa which was the host of the “Red Bull King of Air.” Or in Hawaii, where beaches and water sports usually meet.

How to have fun?

There are many ways to have fun in this sport. One, by learning the sport itself. Of course, you can’t just ride a board without learning it first and while attending to meet new friends and discover new places. Two, by enjoying the sport itself. You will enjoy the rush that it gives you when you are on the board maintaining your balance as the sea water splashes your face and the wind gushing over your body. Third, go to events. You will appreciate it more with the competitions that you will attend you will know cool people who had made this not only their sport of choice but also a passion that they share to other people. Furthermore, you will appreciate the people who made this sport possible and alive until today.

So, go have fun, enjoy the sun and never forget to put sunscreen! Kitesurfing is a great sport that you can be passionate and enjoy on the beach.

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Red Bull King of the Air: Day 1

Red Bull King of the Air

Cape Town’s Big Bay is ready to host the world’s finest Big Air kiteboarding professionals. Within the last 3 years, they have taken part in what is essentially thought to be the epitome of big air kiteboarding, the “Red Bull King of the Air“. Previous champions such as Aaron Hadlow, Kevin Langeree, Jesse Richman as well as others are the invitees which will take part in the iconic South African competition. The event will happen at Big Bay on Cape Town’s West Coast, on the windiest day between the 30th of January and the 14th of February. A legendary list of the best big air kiteboarding riders has been reported to attend for the 2016 championship title which includes the defending champion himself, Aaron Hadlow. Just like last year, the event expects 24 of the world’s leading aerobatic riders – the top 12 competitors in the 2015 exhibition, 4 wild card competitors as well as 8 newcomers chosen from web video competition entries. Be ready to go toe-to-toe in an exhilarating showdown of gravity-defying maneuvers and big air tricks.

On Wednesday (February 3), the “Cape Doctor” covered the iconic Table Mountain in its ‘table cloth’. The wind only came through quite late around 16:30 local time. When the waves also showed up, the best big-air kiters around the world immediately released their kites, hitting the 3-4 foot ramps at Big Bay and entertaining the devoted viewers with the tricks they had been waiting for. Finally, the Red Bull King of the Air 2016 commences!

It started out with a bang from the former South African freestyle champion Ozzy Smith, who was only outdone by pro big air rider, Lasse Walker. The two of them would progress to round 3 straight away, while those in 3rd and 4th place being religated into the Round Two elimination heats.

It’s always a challenge for riders to start in the opening heat of the event and they proved that the riders could handle the conditions and come out with something extraordinary. One of the greatest highlights of the day was Tom Herbert and his big air style. He won his heat beating Jerry van de Kop. Kevin Langeree, the former champion in 2014 and runner-up in 2015, was soaring and threw the highest air at that time which measured around 15.9 meters, according to the Woo Sports device the riders were wearing. However, he was beaten by Antonin Rangin who got the better of him due to the incredible variety on his tricks.

Other riders also stoodout in the round including the 2013 champion, Jesse Richman. The Hawaiian, known to ride using straps instead of bindings, lost his board at the onset on his signature ‘go-for-broke’ technique and needed to acquire another one from his kite caddy.

Another impressive trick was from Reno Romeo. He pulled a huge triple front roll with a number of kite loops. Remeo showed the way he was concentrating on variety in his heat in order to please all of the judges.

The ultimate heat of Round 1 included the 2015 defending champion Aaron Hadlow. The five-time world champion easily went on from where he ended a year ago by giving an incredible Megaloop KGB – a thing nobody anticipated that early. This asks the question, ‘just what else does he have up his sleeve?’

As the sun starting to set on the horizon there was just enough light to do the first 2 heats of Round 2. In round two if you do not progress to round 3 your competition is over.

The downfall of Sam Medysky was one of the greatest disappointments of the day. Day 2 will continue once the wind comes through again.

Make sure to check back for our report on Day 2 of the Red Bull King of the Air. We will leave you with a clip of Lewis Crathern’s Huge Crash. We hope he gets better soon.