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Kitesurfing Spots in Cape Town


Cape Town is known one of the best kitesurfing destinations worldwide with its combination of consistent winds and perfect spots. Kitesurfing in Cape Town is about variety making it different than most other kitesurfing locations in the world. Cape Town is the perfect combination of the vibrant city vibe, the breathtaking landscape, the remarkable beaches, and reliable wind conditions. Cape Town offers flat waters, downwind spots, small waves, high waves, warm and cool waters making it ideal for all types of kite surfers whether beginner or pro. It offers more than 30 superb kitesurfing beaches with a huge variety of conditions. Cape Town area is home to many beaches that do not only boast fantastic kitesurfing conditions but breathtaking natural beauty too. The wind conditions in and around Cape Town are very reliable with wind speeds usually between 20-30 knots with the strongest wind coming between 2 and 6 in the evenings. Because of this, professionals from all over the globe come to Cape Town to train for kitesurfing events.

Big Bay

Known for strong winds, flat sections between the waves and great waves which are sheltered by the rocks, Big Bay is one of the most popular spots to kitesurf in Cape Town. The beach at Big Bay is wide, slightly ebbing, which means perfect conditions for kitesurfing beginners. But on windy days, Big Bay is more for advanced kitesurfers. Big bay is a favorite for kitesurfers, surfers, windsurfers, bodyboarders and anybody who is looking for a good day at the beach. It can get crowded at times. Kitesurfers have a designated area to the right of the rocks and should steer clear of the no kite zone reserved for swimmers and surfers within the bay itself. Surrounding the Big Bay are parking lots, bars and kite shops offering kite lessons.


Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is obviously the most popular kitesurfing spot in Cape Town. It is one of the first kitesurfing spots on the west coast stretch. It is also one of the main kitesurf spots with a good rising tide building and the best wind coming in the late afternoon. Sunset Beach a great place to start a downwind kite session and is one of the main reasons why many kitesurfers come to South Africa. The wind in Sunset Beach usually picks up around noon and gets more intense over the day. During peak season, Sunset Beach can get really crowded.


Langebaan is the place of the beginner kitesurfer. The spot offers butter flat water conditions making it perfect for some very relaxed kitesurfing which is ideal for freestyle junkies and learners. It is also a great practice ground for advanced kitesurfers to improve flat surface tricks. Langebaan’s two main kite areas are Shark Bay and Main Beach. Shark Bay is named after the harmless small sand sharks. Here, the wind blows offshore and wind conditions are constant. The conditions in Shark Bay offers beginners and advanced kitesurfers a perfect terrain to practice their skills. Main Beach, on the other hand, has a wide, white sandy beach and the wind blows mainly offshore. The wind in Main Beach is usually stronger here than in Shark Bay. Langebaan offers good facilities, including a kitesurf school with a rental service, and several good restaurants and bars you’ll find.

kitesurfing spots in cape town


Muizenberg is a beach-side suburb of Cape Town is situated where the shore of the Cape Peninsula curves round to the east on the False Bay. It offers a large stretch of uncrowded beach of several kilometers swept by consistent, onshore wind. Muizenberg is the windiest kitesurfing spot in Cape Town and is considered to be the birthplace of surfing in South Africa. The wind in Muizenberg blows directly onshore and the water is warm, with safe beach break waves. A typical Kitesurfing summers day in Muizenberg has about 15-18 knots wind in the morning, picking up progressively to 25-30 knots in the afternoon.

Kite Beach

Kite Beach, from the name itself, is the most popular places to kite. It is known for its amazing kitesurfing and windsurfing opportunities. It has great conditions for kitesurfing, with a wide sandy beach, consistent winds and a good mix of water types. Kite Beach has 360° scenic view including the famous Table Mountain and Robben Island. Kite Beach has plenty of parking, wide space to launch your kite, a number of kite shops and restaurants nearby.

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